Country & Population

Now we want to give you some information about tourist attractions which are absolutely breathtaking.

Exotic islands, incredible under-water world and wonderful beaches…
On the Philippines, time passes slowly, so you can shake off the stressful days and dive into the water.
The Philippines consist of more than 7000 islands, in the east there is the Pacific Ocean and in the west there is the Chinese Sea.
Volcanoes, rich terraces, beautiful beaches and a great under-water world fascinate visitors from all over the world.
The diving spots surrounding Panglao island are probably the best ones in the world. 169 languages are spoken on the 7107 islands. 81% of the inhabitans are Catholics and the official language is English.

Bohol Island

Bohol Island, which lies next to Boracay and Cebu, is one of the most popular islands on the Philippines. It belongs to the archipelago of the Visayas. Bohol Island is quite large. It has a size of 4000 square kilometers.Rivers can be found in the green heart of the island. Caves, waterfalls, mountians, exotic wildlife, white beaches and wonderful coral reefs are very attractive for tourists. Near Bohol, you can find smaller islands, for example Panglao Islands, Pamilacan Island, Cabilao Island, Jao Mahanay and Lapinin. These islands are famous because spectacular diving spots can be found there.

Panglao Island

Panglao Island lies southwest of Bohol island. Two bridges link these islands.
Panglao is one of the top destinations. Beside excellent diving spots, you can go snorkeling and swimming. In addition to this you can admire the wonderful coral reefs and the white beaches.

Alona Beach

Alona Beach is probably one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful beaches on Panglao Island. The Beach is approximately 1.500 meters long and lined with palm trees.
You can find diving schools, beach bars, restaurants and a large number of little stores there.
The region is not spoilt by tourism althrough the number of tourists rises from year to year.
Beautiful bays and romantic beaches, which are not touched by mass tourism, can be found very quickly. You can explore the beautiful nature of the island, e.g. discover the hidden paths.

Sagbayan Peak

From Sagbayan Peak, you have a spectacular view on the Chocolate Hills and on the sea. You can look through the telescopes and enjoy the wonderful view. Nearby you can find a market where food and local products are sold.


The weather is tropical. The whole year it is warm and moist.
The best time for travelling ist between October an May.