Chocolate Hills

One upon a time, Argo – a young and strong giant – fell in love with Aloya. When Aloya had a fatal accident, the giant was heartbroken. He cried. Thousands of tears fell on the ground because the giant was extremely sad. With his tears he created the Chocolate Hills. There are many legends concerning the famous Chocolate Hills which can be found on Bohol Island. Scientists have found out that the hills have a natural origin. Thousands of years ago the whole region was under water and the hills were covered with corals and coralline algae. All in all there are 1268 hills. They are between thirty and fifty meters high and cover an area of fifty square kilometers.

In the summer the grass, which can be found on the hills, turns brown. When it is dry, you get the impression that the hills are covered with chocolate. That is the reason why they are called “Chocolate Hills”.


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Loboc River

A boat tor on the Loboc River is fascinating. You can enjoy a boat tour which takes you through the jungle. There are palm trees on the banks of the river and there is a small waterfall. The boat tour starts in Loay or in Loboc.

Sagbayan Peak

From Sagbayan Peak, you have a spectacular view on the Chocolate Hills and on the sea. You can look through the telescopes and enjoy the wonderful view. Nearby you can find a market where food and local products are sold.

Pamilacan Island


Pamilacan Island is a diving spot and a place where you can watch dolphins and whales.There are experienced guides who show you how to dive.Of course, they also go whale watching -with you. Near Panglao Island and Bohol Island, vou can see more and more dolphins and whales.

Balicasag Island


The small island is considered as protected area because of its beautiful nature.Balicasag Island is surrounded by a coral reef. It has the best diving spots in the region. The under-water world is breathtaking.


Baclayon is famous for its church. It is one of the oldest churched on the Philippines. In the old monastery, which can be found next to he church, there is a small museum with relics and artifacts from the sixteenth century.

Blood Compact Monument

Not far from Tagbilaran you can vistit the Blood Compact Monument.This place commemorates the friendship between Legaspi (a Spanish explorer) and Sikatuna (a Philippine chief). On March 16th, 1565 they met at this place, they mixed some drops of their blood and drank a mg of wine.

Butterfly garden

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Bohol Bee Farm

If you like health food, you should definitely visit Bohol Bee Farm in Dauis.On this farm you can buy honey and all kinds of health food.You can also enioy a delicious meal in the restaurant which lies next to the farm.

Höhlen in Bohol

Another attraction in Bohol are the caves. There are round about 1.400 caves. In some of the caves you can admire the paintings, and in some other caves you can find lakes. The most beautiful cave is called Hinagdanan Cave. It lies on Panglao Island.You can find stalactites there. This cave is a must-see.

Mag-Aso Fälle

Another beautiful tourist attraction are the Mag-Aso-Waterfalls. There is also a small lake. The tourist attraction is worth a visit.